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Illegal Immigrant Kills Virginia Driver in DUI Crash

Posted on Dec 26, 2010
On November 26, 2010, a two-car accident occurred in Hanover, Virginia. This Friday night two-car accident occurred on E. Patrick Boulevard in Hanover County at approximately 10 p.m.

The crash involved Casey Bohr, a 23-year-old, of King William. Bohr was driving home when a sport utility vehicle in the oncoming lane of traffic hit his car. Due to the force of the accident, Bohr’s car flipped over and crashed into the side of the road. Sadly, Bohr was not wearing his seat belt and was found dead at the accident scene.

Bohr’s mother was also traveling in the vehicle. She sustained injuries and was taken to an area hospital for medical treatment. She has since been released from the hospital and has returned home.

The other driver Feliciano Suarez, 29, was driving on a suspended license and was also found driving under the influence of alcohol. He was ticketed for DUI and is facing manslaughter charges for the death of Bohr.

This deadly DUI crash took place just 48 hours after five other people were arrested for DUI at a Hanover check point.
Virginia police found that Suarez was also in this country illegally. After learning this information, authorities involved Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Suarez is being held at the Pamunkey Regional Jail since he is illegal and believed to be a flight risk.

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