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Accused of DUI / DWI, Reckless Driving or other Criminal offense in Virginia?

At The Wilson Law Firm, we understand being arrested or given a ticket is a horrible experience, whether you're accused of DUI / DWI, Reckless Driving or some other Criminal or Traffic offense.  You undoubtedly have several questions.  You are probably scared.  What should you expect?  What is going to happen next?  Is this going to impact your job?  Your home?  Your relationship with your spouse or significant other?  What about your children?  What will your friends think?  

Rest assured, you have come to the right place:  WE CAN HELP.  For more than 20 years T. Kevin Wilson. Esq. has been helping good people just like you all across Virginia who have found themselves in trouble with the law to one degree or another.  He has successfully represented thousands of clients facing DUI / DWI and Reckless Driving charges, as well as all other types of Criminal and Traffic charges in Virginia - and he can help you, too!

The Wilson Law Firm handles all criminal offenses, both misdemeanor and felony, so whatever the charge - we can help.  

So whether your case involved in:

  • Driving (DUI / DWI, Reckless Driving, Racing, Driving Suspended or Revoked, Hit and Run, Eluding Police); 
  • Alcohol (DUI / DWI, Selling to a Minor, Underage Possession, Drunk in Public);
  • Drugs (Manufacturing, Distribution, Possession, Possession with Intent to Distribute);
  • Violence (Murder, Manslaughter, Malicious Wounding, Unlawful Wounding, Domestic Violence, Assault & Battery);
  • Theft (Larceny, Embezzlement, Concealment, Credit Card Theft);
  • Weapons / Firearms  (Possession of a Concealed Weapon, Possession by a Felon, Use During Commission of a Felony, Brandishing);
  • Fraud (Credit Card Fraud, Prescription Fraud, Obtaining Money by False Pretenses);
  • Forgery (Forgery, Uttering Forged Document);
  • Property / Vandalism (Common Law Burglary, Statutory Burglary, Destruction of Property, Arson, Trespassing); OBSTRUCTION / RESISTING (Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of Justice, Disorderly Conduct, Assault on Law Enforcement Officer)

At The Wilson Law Firm, we focus on providing superior representation to clients throughout Virginia facing DUI / DWI, in need of a Reckless Driving Lawyer or any other Criminal or Serious Traffic offense and in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and respected Defense Lawyer with a proven record of success.  In addition to building a successful law practice, Mr. Wilson spent more than a decade as a Legal Instructor teaching Consitutional Law, Virginia Criminal Law, Virginia Criminal Procedure, Virginia Rules of Evidence to law enforcement officers.  He has even served as a Special Prosecutor. 

In addition to his knowledge of the applicable law, T. Kevin Wilson has extensive specialized education and training regarding the scientific and operational principles involved in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Blood Alcohol Testing, Police RADAR/LIDAR, etc.  This extensive specialized education and training has enabled T. Kevin Wilson to identify possible avenues of defense which may go unnoticed by other lawyers and achieve better results for his clients.  In fact, some of T. Kevin Wilson's biggest victories have come in cases where Mr. Wilson has been hired to take over a case after the client initially selected other counsel.  The Wilson Law Firm works tirelessly to help our clients through a very difficult time and achieve the best possible outcome so our clients can get back to their jobs, families, etc. and move on with their lives.

Virginia has several major interstates and highways, including I-95, I-395, I-495 to the north, I-77 and I-81 to the west, I-66 crossing northern Virginia and I-64 crossing central Virginia.  These several interstates provide an endless stream of motorists, many of whom are violating the law by driving too fast, driving without a valid license, driving with a suspended license, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or refusing to submit to a blood/breath test.  In addition, the punishments in Virginia for such offenses seem to consistently increase, so a conviction in Virginia can have major consequences for the person accused.

T. Kevin Wilson Has Extensive Specialized Education, Training and Experience That Other Lawyers Lack

Not only has T. Kevin Wilson become intimately familiar with the intricacies of Virginia's criminal and traffic laws in his practice as a criminal and traffic defense lawyer, he also spent more than a decade sharing his extensive knowledge with local law enforcement.  Mr. Wilson served as a Legal Instructor at the Prince William County Criminal Justice Academy where he taught Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law and Evidence.  If you need a lawyer in a case involving the police, then you need a lawyer who taught the police.

Mr. Wilson has completed courses to be an Operator of the Intoxilyzer 5000, Intoxilyzer S-D2, Intoxilyzer S-D5, Intoxilyzer 400 and Intoxilyzer 8000 breath testing machines and he was one of the first defense attorneys in Virginia to complete training on the new Intoximeter ECIR II machine currently being used by police.in Virginia.  In addition, T. Kevin Wilson has completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) curriculum on Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.  This advanced, specialized education and training has enabled Mr. Wilson to identify more avenues of defense and achieve better results for his clients as a DUI Lawyer.

In addition, in order to remain on the cutting edge of DUI / DWI and Criminal Defense and continue working to provide the best possible representation for his clients, Mr. Wilson is a member of several well-respected professional associations including the National College for DUI DefenseVirginia Association of Criminal Defense LawyersNational Association of Criminal Defense LawyersVirginia Trial Lawyers Association and American Association for Justice.

Let our skilled and knowledgeable team help you make the most of a bad situation.

Drunk Driving (DUI / DWI) Offenses (18.2-266):;

Other Alcohol Crimes:

Reckless Driving Offenses:

Other Criminal Driving Offenses:

Criminal Offenses:

  • Drug offenses of all types including Manufacturing, Distributing, Possessing with Intent to Distribute and simple Possession of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or any other illegal drug.
  • Fraud Offenses including Credit Card Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, Forgery, Uttering a Forged Document, Obtaining Money by False Pretenses, etc.
  • Theft Offenses including Petit Larceny, Grand Larceny, Embezzlement, Concealment, Burglary, etc.
  • Violent Offenses such as Murder, Manslaughter, Malicious Wounding, Unlawful Wounding, Assault and Battery, etc.
  • Gun / Firearm Offenses such as Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Use of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, Brandishing a Firearm, Reckless Discharge of a Firearm, etc.
  • Sex Offenses such as Rape, Forcible Sodomy, Object Sexual Penetration, Indecent Liberties, Aggravated Sexual Battery, etc.
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses such as Hit and Run, Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Outside a Restricted License,   
  • All other felonies and all other misdemeanors

Located in beautiful and historic Old Town Manassas, we aspire to provide our clients big firm service with a small town feel. Mr. Wilson is assisted by a friendly and highly skilled staff, and everyone works together as a team to aggressively pursue the outcome you want while providing you the kind of personal attention you deserve.

If the outcome of your case is important, call The Wilson Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation at 703-361-6100 or 540-347-4944.

Practice Areas

Virginia DUI and DWI Virginia DUI and DWI

T. Kevin Wilson works hard to stay on the cutting edge of Virginia DUI / DWI defense and he has extensive, specialized education and training that training that most other attorneys lack.  Not only is he well versed in Virginia's DUI / DWI statutes and case law, but as a former Police Academy Legal Instructor he has a comprehensive understanding of the tools and procedures the police will try to use against you in your case.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, he has specialized education and training on the scientific and operational principles of breath and blood alcohol testing, as well as various medical issues that arise in DUI / DWI cases.  He is one of the first defense attorneys in Virginia to complete training on the new ECIR II machine currently being used by police and he is recognized nationally as an authority on Virginia DUI / DWI Defense.

An Experienced DUI Lawyer Serving All of Virginia

Mr. Wilson is one of the only lawyers in Virginia who has taken the extraordinary step of actually purchasing his own breath alcohol testing machines.  This has enabled him to become even more familiar with how they work, and how they can fail - knowledge few other lawyers have, and knowledge which has allowed him to provide even better representation to his clients.  

In most Virginia DUI / DWI cases, two very important pieces of evidence are: 

  • How you performed on your field sobriety tests.
  • The scientific evidence (the result of the breath or blood alcohol analysis)

Therefore, you need a lawyer who is trained on, and intimately familiar with, both of these fields.

Police officers make mistakes, just like the rest of us, and sometimes these mistakes are important factors in the defense of your Virginia DUI / DWI.  Similarly, the breath alcohol testing machines are just machines run by computer programs, and like all other machines, they too malfunction.  Knowledge of the scientific and operational principles relied upon by the breath alcohol testing machines used in Virginia is critical to providing the best possible defense.  In addition, these machines require regular maintenance and care, and sometimes that maintenance and care is not provided.  In some situations, the tests are improperly administered, which calls into question the validity of the result of the test.

Avoid Serious Criminal Charges and Major Negative Impacts on Your Life

Act quickly!  If you've been charged with drunk driving, you need to get an experienced Virginia DUI / DWI lawyer working for you as soon as possible!   The clock is ticking and there are things that must be done quickly!  

Don't give up!  It is sometimes tempting to just give up and plead guilty so you can put the case behind you.  Resist that temptation.  It may seem like a good idea and you may think you are relieving your anxiety, but it is a decision you will more than likely regret very quickly.  If you plead guilty you are giving up any and all hope of a more favorable outcome and you are guaranteeing you will be found guilty - bringing potentially devastating consequences, from the Court, from DMV, from insurance...the list goes on and on.  

Don't be a statistic.  Don’t make one of these alarmingly common and devastating mistakes: 

  • trying to handle the case without a lawyer
  • throwing money down the drain by hiring a lawyer who lacks the specialized education, training and experience required to do the best possible job

Call The Wilson Law Firm at 703-361-6100 or 540-347-4944 for a free, no obligation consultation and put our expertise to work for you.


Virginia Reckless Driving and Serious Traffic Offenses Virginia Reckless Driving and Serious Traffic Offenses

Although his firm, The Wilson Law Firm, is based in Manassas, DUI / DWI, Criminal and Traffic Defense Lawyer, T. Kevin Wilson, handles cases all across Virginia.  These days most people seem to know DUI / DWI is a criminal offense with serious consequences.  However, many people do not seem to realize Virginia has several other motor vehicle offenses which are also CRIMINAL and, as such, can also have very serious consequences, including steep fines, loss of license and even time in jail.

The most common of these other offenses is RECKLESS DRIVING.  There are several ways to commit the offense known as Reckless Driving in Virginia, but the two most common ways are (1) grossly exceeding the speed limit and (2) causing a crash.  In some cases, the fine imposed for Reckless Driving is relatively small so people seem to think the offense is just a minor traffic infraction.  WRONG.  Reckless Driving is a CRIME in Virginia and if you are found guilty it means you will have a permanent criminal record!  For some people, this is not a big deal, but for others it is a major concern.  Having a criminal record can negatively impact a person's ability to get into school, to find employment, to be promoted, etc., as well as the obvious consequences wtih the DMV and the insurance company.

In addition to Reckless Driving, a few of the other common motor vehicle offenses which are CRIMINAL in Virginia are:  

  • Racing
  • Driving Without a License
  • Driving With a Suspended License
  • Driving After Being Declared an Habitual Offender 
  • Driving Outside the Terms of a Restricted License 
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident (aka Hit and Run) 
  • Eluding Law Enforcement.  

All of these offenses can result in the imposition of a fine, loss of license and even time in jail.

When charged with one of these offenses, whether it is Reckless Driving or one of ther other CRIMINAL motor vehicle offenses, it is important to realize and remember that you are not dealing with a simple traffic infraction.  These are CRIMINAL offenses in Virginia and you need an experienced Virginia Criminal and Traffic Defense Attorney on your side, zealously pursuing the best possible outcome for you.  If you have been accused of Reckless Driving or some other CRIMINAL motor vehicle offense in Virginia, put our expertise to work for you by calling 703-361-6100 or 540-347-4944.

Virginia Criminal Defense Virginia Criminal Defense

According to statistics compiled by the Virginia State Police, there were over 18,000 violent crimes reported in Virginia in 2011. That same year, theft of money and property accounted for a loss of over $200 million. While Virginia's overall crime rate ranks low among the 50 states, these totals can appear staggering and reinforce the reality that the nation's courts often don't have the time, resources or inclination to treat each criminal case the individual attention it deserves. If you're charged with a crime in Virginia, you are in trouble and you need help.

Being suddenly thrown into in the criminal court system can leave the accused feeling stripped of his/her dignity, especially in the cases of a first-time offender. If you or a family member has been charged with a crime in Virginia, you need a dedicated and professional criminal defense attorney with a proven history of fighting for the rights of the accused.

Don't let a single mistake or a moment of bad judgment effect the rest of your life. If the outcome of your case is important, call The Wilson Law Firm and put their experienced criminal defense lawyers to work for you immediately.



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