The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles statistics show there were over 27,000 DUI / DWI convictions in Virginia in 2013. That doesn't have to be you. Just because you've been charged with drunk driving doesn't mean the fight is over. Now more than ever, you need an experienced, veteran Virginia DUI / DWI Defense Lawyer with a proven track record of success to handle your Virginia DUI / DWI case and give you the best chance to get the best result.  

The Wilson Law Firm has helped hard working people, just like you, all across Virginia who were facing charges of:           

You need a Virginia DUI Lawyer who has the specialized education, training and experience necessary to know how to handle your drunk driving defense.

Knowing the law isn’t enough!  When you choose a lawyer to trust with the defense of your Virginia DUI / DWI charge, make sure it's an experienced Virginia DUI / DWI lawyer who has specialized education, training and experience in the field of DUI / DWI defense, with a proven track record of success handling Virginia DUI / DWI cases - not just someone who claims to handle DUI / DWI cases on a web site.

DUI Convictions Impact Your Life For Years

A DUI Lawyer Can HelpVirginia DUI / DWI convictions have serious and costly consequences that can impact your life for years to come if your defense is not handled properly.  Far too often, people charged with DUI / DWI in Virginia make the mistake of not hiring an attorney, or even worse, wasting their money by hiring an attorney who lacks the specialized education, training and experience necessary to get the best possible result.  Perhaps they don't understand how serious a Virginia DUI / DWI case really is.  Perhaps the don't appreciate the complexity of a Virginia DUI / DWI case or understand how difficult it is to successfully defend DUI / DWI cases in Virginia.  Perhaps they have heard from a friend that there is nothing to worry about.  Perhaps they foolishly assume all lawyers are created equal and can handle a Virginia DUI / DWI case equally well.  Whatever the reason, faling to hire the right lawyer to handle your Virginia DUI / DWI is a huge mistake and can be the difference in the outcome of the case.  

At a bare minimum, we believe you should insist on a lawyer having at least the following baseline qualifications: 

  • Membership in the National College for DUI Defense or the DUI Defense Lawyers Association
  • Training / Certification on administration of Standardized Field SobrietyTests
  • Training / Certification on the use of Police Traffic RADAR / LIDAR 
  • Training / Certification on the breath test machine used in the case - in Virginia this is the ECIR II made by Intoximeters, Inc.
  • Proven success winning DUI / DWI cases at trial.
  • Recognition in the field of DUI / DWI Defense

Again, it is our belief that these qualifications should be the bare minimum, and if people accused of DUI / DWI in Virginia look for lawyers who meet each of these qualifications, they will put themselves in a better position to get the best possible result.  When it comes to Virginia DUI / DWI Defense, there is absolutely no doubt that the lawyer you choose can be the difference in the outcome of your case.  

In most Virginia DUI / DWI cases, two very important pieces of evidence are: 

  • How you performed on your field sobriety tests.
  • The scientific evidence (the result of the breath or blood alcohol analysis)

A DUI Lawyer Can Help Fight Your Charges

Therefore, you need a lawyer who is trained on, and intimately familiar with, both of these fields. T. Kevin Wilson works hard to stay on the cutting edge of Virginia DUI / DWI defense and he has extensive, specialized education and training that training that most other attorneys lack.  Not only is he well versed in Virginia's DUI / DWI statutes and case law, but as a former Police Academy Legal Instructor he has a comprehensive understanding of the tools and procedures the police will try to use against you in your case.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, he has specialized education and training on the scientific and operational principles of breath and blood alcohol testing, as well as various medical issues that arise in DUI / DWI cases.  He is one of the first defense attorneys in Virginia to complete training on the new ECIR II machine currently being used by police and he is recognized nationally as an authority on Virginia DUI / DWI Defense.

Mr. Wilson is one of the only lawyers in Virginia who has taken the extraordinary step of actually purchasing his own breath alcohol testing machines.  This has enabled him to become even more familiar with how they work, and how they can fail - knowledge few other lawyers have, and knowledge which has allowed him to provide even better representation to his clients.  

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving / DUI / DWI offense in Virginia, call us today for a FREE Virginia DUI / DWI case evaluation at 703-361-6100 or 540-347-4944.