Allyson L. Wilson

Allyson L. Wilson

Chief Operating Officer, Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Remote Online Notary, Electronic Notary
  • The Wilson Law Firm
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Allyson L. Wilson is the Chief Operating Officer at The Wilson Law Firm, a role that underscores her commitment to ensuring the highest level of service for the firm's valued clients. In this capacity, she adeptly coordinates various administrative tasks and assumes responsibility for overseeing critical aspects of the business, including financial operations, marketing strategies, and personnel management. With an impressive track record of over 22 years in the field of business management, Ms. Wilson has garnered extensive expertise in analyzing operational efficiencies and optimizing workflows, all while upholding a steadfast focus on enhancing the client experience. Ms. Wilson's exceptional management skills and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction are complemented by her completion of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course. This rigorous 24-hour program equips participants with the skills needed to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) to suspected alcohol-impaired drivers. By undergoing this comprehensive training, which mirrors the instruction given to police officers learning to investigate DUI/DWI cases, Ms. Wilson reinforces her commitment to providing our clients with the utmost expertise and service.

In addition to her role at The Wilson Law Firm, Ms. Wilson also serves as a lecturer of public speaking at George Mason University. Her passion lies in equipping undergraduate students with the essential communication skills necessary to excel in public speaking engagements, navigate interpersonal interactions with finesse, and thrive in small group settings. Through her guidance and mentorship, she equips these budding professionals to effectively convey their messages and engage with diverse audiences.

Prior to joining The Wilson Law Firm, Ms. Wilson held noteworthy administrative positions within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs at NC State University. In these capacities, she assumed responsibilities that encompassed training students and staff on crucial university policies and guidelines. Moreover, Ms. Wilson provided administrative coordination and supervision across seven units within the division, facilitating smooth operations and fostering collaboration. Her analytical acumen was further showcased through her ability to meticulously analyze financial data, enabling her to assist with the forecasting and management of a significant state fund budget.

Ms. Wilson's Academic CredentialsMs. Wilson's academic accomplishments complement her professional expertise. She earned a bachelor's degree in Legal Communication and a master's degree in Strategic Communication/Public Relations from George Mason University, distinguishing herself through her exemplary academic performance, which garnered her honors in both programs. Her commitment to advancing her knowledge and expertise remains unwavering, as she currently pursues a Ph.D. in Strategic Communication at George Mason University. Within her doctoral studies, Ms. Wilson delves into various subdisciplines of Strategic Communication, such as uncertainty, heuristics and biases, normative messaging, social media, and social support, further solidifying her expertise in this dynamic field. Notably, Ms. Wilson recently showcased her research prowess alongside her coauthors as they presented their findings on the application of message framing theory to encourage informed healthcare decisions at the 108th National Communication Association Annual Conference held in New Orleans.

Ms. Wilson’s extensive experience in business management, coupled with her ongoing academic pursuits, positions her as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who is resolutely dedicated to providing exceptional service in her role as the Chief Operating Officer at The Wilson Law Firm.