Allyson L. Wilson

Allyson L. Wilson

Chief Operating Officer, Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Remote Online Notary, Electronic Notary
  • The Wilson Law Firm
  • 9300 Grant Ave, Suite 301 Manassas, VA 20110-5073
  • (703) 361-6100

Allyson L. Wilson is the Chief Operating Officer at The Wilson Law Firm, where she ensures the highest level of service for the firm's valued clients. She coordinates various administrative tasks and oversees critical aspects of the business, including financial operations, marketing strategies, and personnel management. With over 23 years of business management experience, Ms. Wilson excels in analyzing and improving operational efficiencies and optimizing workflows to enhance the client experience. Her management skills and dedication to client satisfaction are complemented by her completion of the NHTSA DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course, which equips her with the same skills law enforcement officers use to administer sobriety tests to suspected alcohol-impaired drivers. This training ensures that she is able to provide The Wilson Law Firm’s clients with expert and comprehensive service.

GMU ALWIn addition to her role at the firm, Ms. Wilson lectures on public speaking at George Mason University, helping students develop essential communication skills for diverse audiences through public speaking, interpersonal interactions, and small group settings. Her prior administrative roles at NC State University involved training students and staff on university policies, coordinating administrative tasks across multiple units, and analyzing financial data for budget management.

Ms. Wilson holds a bachelor's degree in Legal Communication and a master's degree in Strategic Communication/Public Relations from George Mason University, both with honors. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Strategic Communication at George Mason University, focusing on identity, conflict, uncertainty, heuristics and biases, normative messaging, social media, and social support. Notably, Ms. Wilson recently showcased her research alongside her coauthors as they presented their findings on the application of message framing theory to encourage informed healthcare decisions at the 108th National Communication Association Annual Conference held in New Orleans.

Ms. Wilson’s extensive experience in business management and her academic pursuits make her a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional, dedicated to providing exceptional service as the Chief Operating Officer at The Wilson Law Firm.