If you allegedly wrote a bad check, the recipient of the check can press charges in a court of law. After being charged with allegedly writing a bad check in Virginia, learn about possible defenses that can help your case and what the other side may have on you.

The prosecution will attempt to establish that you had knowledge there was a lack of funds in the account you wrote the check from. They will try to prove that you wrote and delivered a bad check with the intent to defraud, and they will try to accuse you of a crime. They may state that writing a check without sufficient funds is a way of obtaining goods and cash under false pretenses.

This is why it is extremely important that you have an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney on your side. You need to turn to an attorney who has experience handling check fraud cases, as he will have strategies and defenses available to use.

The Defense

Sometimes the other side can prove that you knew that you didn't have sufficient funds to cover the payment at the time you wrote the check by showing proof that the account was previously closed out by you. Other times, check fraud cases aren't so easy for the prosecution to prove. In fact, sometimes these cases can be tough to establish without the proper evidence and facts. This means that bad check cases can sometimes be too difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are other defenses available for bad check cases depending upon your case specifics. There is no time to waste in situations of this kind. Contact an experienced Manassas criminal defense lawyer at the Wilson Law Firm at (703) 361-6100 today to schedule a free legal consultation and go over possible defenses in your case.
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