Lights in the Red Light DistrictProstitution is a sex crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are convicted of one of these offenses, you face harsh punishments and will have a permanent criminal record. However, you may be able to avoid these severe consequences if you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to mount an aggressive defense to fight the charges you face.

Common Prostitution Crimes in Virginia

In our state, prostitution is a misdemeanor offense. The most common prostitution charges involve the following crimes:

  • Prostitution. Under Virginia Code §18.2-346, it is a crime for an individual to perform sexual acts in exchange for money or its equivalent, such as drugs or property. A sexual act is broadly defined and includes oral sex and sexual intercourse.
  • Solicitation. One of the most common offenses is solicitation of prostitution. Under Virginia Code §18.2-346, no sexual contact has to occur for this crime to have been committed. There must have been an offer of money or something equivalent with the intent that a sexual act is performed. In addition, there must have been a substantial act in furtherance of the offer.
  • Aiding prostitution. It is also illegal to aid in prostitution. Under Virginia Code §18.2-348, a person can be charged with this crime if they aid in prostitution or illegal sexual intercourse. This offense is committed if the individual knows or should have known that they are transporting or assisting in transporting someone to a place of prostitution. They can also be charged with aiding prostitution if they provide information on how or where to procure prostitution with the intent that the criminal act of prostitution be committed.

Penalties of Prostitution Crimes in Virginia

Prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, and aiding prostitution are charged as a Class 1 misdemeanor in our state. If a person is convicted of one of these offenses, they could be sentenced to up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

In addition, they would have a permanent criminal record. This can limit their ability to obtain a job, housing, education, and more. Even being charged with this crime could cause an individual to have problems in their marriage, feel public shame, and result in termination of their job.

Are you facing prostitution charges in Virginia? You may have defenses that can help you beat the charges—even if you are guilty. To find out how we can defend you, contact our Manassas office or call 888-DUI-LWYR to schedule your free consultation today.


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