The best way you can choose a lawyer for your DUI, criminal and traffic offense in Virginia is by reading what other clients in your same situation have said about their attorneys and seeing past case results. Past results provide you with insight into the quality of work that is being produced. Our Northern Virginia criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for even the most difficult case.

Recent Case Results

In each of the following cases our clients were charged with Reckless Driving, a Class 1 Misdemeanor, and we were successful in getting the charge dismissed or reduced as set forth below. Case results depend on a variety of unique factors and neither guarantee nor predict similar results.

09/29/2020 Warren RD, 88/70 Improper Control
09/28/2020 Fauquier RD, Crash Dismissed
09/23/2020 Prince William RD, 92/65 Improper Control
09/16/2020 Alexandria RD, 110/55 Speeding, 110/55
09/15/2020 Prince William RD, Crash Defective Equip.
08/17/2020 Fairfax RD, 85/55 Improper Control
08/13/2020 Prince William RD, 81/65 Defective Equip.
08/06/2020 Fairfax RD, 81/55 Speeding, 64/55
08/05/2020 Prince William RD, Crash Dismissed
07/21/2020 Williamsburg/James City RD, 86/60 Speeding, 69/60
07/21/2020 Shenandoah RD, 90/70 Speeding, 90/70
07/08/2020 Spotsylvania RD, 87/70 Defective Equip.
07/06/2020 Loudoun RD, 85/55 Speeding, 74/55
07/01/2020 Prince William RD, 91/60 Improper Control
06/29/2020 Fauquier RD, 79/55 Speeding, 74/55
06/23/2020 Loudoun RD, 84/55 Speeding, 84/55
06/18/2020 Prince William RD, 97/55 Speeding, 92/55
06/11/2020 Stafford RD, 92/65 Dismissed
06/03/2020 Highland RD, 77/55 Speeding, 64/55
05/04/2020 Warren RD, 101/55 Improper Control