Yes, in Virginia a person can be arrested and taken to jail at any time, including at a pre-trial hearing, if there is a legally valid reason to do so.  After being arrested and accused of committing an offense, a trial date will eventually be selected.  Depending on the type of case, there may be several court appearances for hearings which take place prior to the actual trial.  These are referred to as "pre-trial hearings", and there are many reasons a person might be arrested at a pre-trial hearing. 

Conditions That May Lead To Arrests At A Pre-Trial Hearing

  • A person might have violated the terms and conditions of release.
  • There may be an outstanding arrest warrant; the person might come to court under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The person might break the law by bringing illegal substances to court or getting involved in a fight at the courthouse.
  • The person may behave in an unruly manner, etc. 

Yes, a person can be arrested at a pre-trial hearing, but there has to be a valid reason to do so.

Were You Or A Family Member Arrested At A Pre-Trial Hearing?

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