Virginia does not allow for expungement of convictions of any type - whether misdemeanor or felony.  The ability to expunge / remove entries from a criminal record in Virginia is limited to entries relating to offenses which were eventually dismissed - and only some of those qualify.   

Generally speaking, in Virginia, records relating to misdemeanor offenses which were dismissed may be expunged if the person seeking expungement does not have any criminal record unless the government convinces the Court there is a good reason the request for expungement should not be granted.  On the other hand, if the person seeking expungement has a criminal record or the records which the person is asking to be removed relate to a felony offense, the burden is on the person seeking expungement to prove to the Court that the continued presence of the information is unfair - the term used in the law is that it would be a "manifest injustice" to the person.

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