No.  Demerit points are not assessed by the Virginia DMV simply for being involved in an accident.  The Virginia DMV assesses demerit points after receiving notice of a conviction for a moving violation.  The amount of demerit points assessed for any particular moving violation depends on the severity of the violation. 

Moving violations in Virginia are divided into 3 point offenses, 4 point offenses and 6 point offenses.  Virginia does not have 1 point, 2 point or 5 point offenses.  If you are involved in an accident but not cited for any violation, demerit points will not be assessed by the Virginia DMV.  However, if as a result of the accident you are accused, and eventually convicted of a moving violation such as Reckless Driving, Following Too Closely, Failure to Yield, etc., the Virginia DMV will assess demerit points for the specific moving violation.

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