Under Virginia criminal law, misdemeanor criminal offenses are categorized, for purposes of punishment and sentencing, into 4 classes:  Class 1 misdemeanor punishments are the most serious and Class 4 misdemeanor punishments are the least serious in Virginia.  

The punishment for Class 1 and Class 2 misdemeanor offenses in Virginia includes the possibility of a jail sentence, but under Virginia criminal law the punishment for Class 3 and Class 4 misdemeanor offenses does not include the possibility of a jail sentence.

Specifically, the possible punishments for the different classes of misdemeanor criminal offenses in Virginia include the following:    

  • Class 1 Misdemeanor 

    • Up to 12 months in jail and / or a fine of up to $2,500
  • Class 2 Misdemeanor 

    • Up to 6 months in jail and / or a fine of up to $1,000
  • Class 3 Misdemeanor

    • A fine of up to $500
  • Class 4 Misdemeanor

    • A fine of up to $250

Any offense designated as a misdemeanor criminal offense under Virginia law and for which no punishment, or no maximum punishment is prescribed, shall be treated as a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense.  

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