In Virginia, there are several different Reckless Driving laws, each dealing with specific acts which have been defined as Reckless Driving in Virginia.  Although each Virginia Reckless Driving law deals with different specific behavior, all Virginia Reckless Driving offenses are misdemeanor criminal offenses. 

One of the most commonly cited Virginia Reckless Driving offenses is based simply on speed.  Pursuant to section 46.2-862 of the Virginia Code, Reckless Driving in Virginia is defined as driving at a speed 20 mph or more above the speed limit, or at more than 85 mph regardless of the speed limit.  

Yes, you read that correctly: Virginia has criminalized Speeding.  In other states, driving in an otherwise safe manner at 85 mph on the interstate in the middle of the night with no other traffic on the road would get you a warning or a simple traffic ticket which you could pay - but in Virginia, for that same behavior you probably would be given a summons accusing you of the misdemeanor criminal offense of Reckless Driving - Speeding (but you might be taken to jail immediately), and if convicted of a Virginia Reckless Driving, in addition to having to pay a fine and court costs, the court could suspend your license and even put you in jail.   

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