A Woman Reading a Newspaper About Reckless Driving ChargesIt depends. People can find out about your reckless driving arrest in different ways. While you can’t prevent everyone from knowing about your arrest, it is helpful to understand how people may learn about it so that you can control the situation to the best of your ability.

Different Ways to Learn About a Reckless Driving Arrest

Someone can learn about a reckless driving arrest by:

  • Reading the newspaper. While your arrest is unlikely to make the nightly news unless you were in a major accident, the local paper could have a list of arrests and traffic tickets. If you are over the age of 18 your name may be printed along with the date and time of your arrest and the specific charges that you face.

  • Asking you directly on a job application. A future employer may ask about your criminal past on a job application. Read the question carefully and answer it honestly. Many applications ask about criminal convictions and not about arrests. If you were acquitted or the charges against you were dropped, then you were not convicted of reckless driving.

  • Conducting a background check. It is possible that a reckless driving conviction could show up in a security check or a background check run by an employer.

Additionally, people may find out about your arrest by word of mouth. If one person read about it in the paper or saw you get pulled over they may tell other people.

Be Honest About Your Reckless Driving Arrest

It might not be easy, but it is almost always better to be honest about your reckless driving arrest than it is to lie about the situation. If you lie and you are caught in that lie, then your integrity will be questioned along with your driving ability.

That said, it can be very difficult to be judged for your driving ability and you may be very uncomfortable with your reckless driving arrest. While we can’t promise you that everyone will understand the circumstances that led to your arrest, we can promise you that we will not judge you based on your arrest. Instead, we will work hard to see that the law is fairly applied to you and that you don’t suffer greater legal consequences than you deserve.

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