Client Having a First Meeting With a Reckless Driving AttorneyYou aren’t alone. Some of our clients come to us never having hired an attorney for anything before. Other people come to us having only dealt with attorneys in civil cases such as motor vehicle accidents, family law situations like a divorce, or estate planning purposes when they needed to draft a will.

How to Work With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Now, your situation is different. You face criminal charges for reckless driving, may face jail time, and other significant legal penalties.

An experienced reckless driving defense lawyer can protect your rights and help you navigate the court system after you have been charged with reckless driving. You can help your lawyer do his job by:

  • Being honest. Your lawyer needs to know exactly what happened right before the police officer pulled you over and when the police officer pulled you over. Some of the facts of your case may not be beneficial to your case. That’s okay. It is better for your lawyer to know them up front than to try to deal with them for the first time when the prosecution raises them.

  • Being a good communicator. It is important to share all of the information that you have with your lawyer and to return your lawyer’s calls. Your lawyer needs information from you in a timely way to defend you.

  • Being realistic. Your lawyer can’t change the facts of your case, but can work within the confines of the law to make sure that you are treated fairly after a reckless driving arrest.

Don’t waste any time contacting a reckless driving defense lawyer. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner your lawyer can get to work defending you. For more information about how a reckless driving defense lawyer can help you or to schedule your first meeting with Attorney T. Kevin Wilson, please call us or reach out to us via this website as soon as possible.