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I was pulled overfor Speedingin Virginia, but my ticket says Reckless Driving. Why was I charged with Reckless Driving when all I was doing was driving above the speed limit?

The simple answer is Virginia has criminalized Speeding, so what is simply a Speeding ticket in other states, is Reckless Driving in Virginia.  More specifically, driving at a speed 20 mph over the posted speed limit in Virginia, or driving at more than 80 mph in Virginia (regardless of the posted speed limit) is defined as Reckless Driving.  Since there are several different variations of Reckless Driving in Virginia, since this type is based on speed, some people refer to this charge as Reckless Driving Speeding.  

If you have been accused of a Virginia Reckless Driving offense, Manassas, Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer, T. Kevin Wilson and The Wilson Law Firm can help you.       

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