Wooden Gavel Used in a Nolle Prosequi Case“Nolle prosequi” (also referred to as “null prosse”) is a Latin phrase that is often translated as “will no longer prosecute” or “not prosecute.” 

Nolle Prosequi Explained

Typically, the prosecutor will request a nolle prosequi to the court if the prosecutor believes that there is insufficient evidence for a conviction, if a witness is unavailable, or if the case should be dismissed, but the government wants to appear to be fighting every reckless driving charge aggressively.

If the court grants the prosecutor’s nolle prosequi request, then the defendant who was charged with reckless driving will not face any immediate legal consequences. Technically, however, the Commonwealth of Virginia is reserving the right to bring back the case or reinstate the charges in the future. Fortunately, the government rarely brings the charges again and if the government chooses to do so then the government must act before the statute of limitations expires.

It is important to note that a nolle prosequi is not the same as a dismissal of your case. If the charges against you are dismissed then the case against you is over and the Commonwealth cannot reinstate the charges and attempt to prosecute you for the same crime (arising from the same incident) again.

Let a Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer Help You Get the Outcome You Deserve

Reckless driving cases can be complicated. There are a lot of factors that could influence how the government wants to handle your case and the potential outcome of your reckless driving case—it is your future that is at stake.

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