Virginia Police Officer Writing a Reckless Driving TicketReckless driving is a crime in Virginia. However, another citizen cannot charge you with a crime. If you face criminal charges for reckless driving, then those charges will come from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How to Know If You Face Criminal Reckless Driving Charges

You may not be read your Miranda rights or be taken into police custody if you are charged with reckless driving. Instead, you may be given a reckless driving summons that looks like a ticket.

It is important to read the ticket carefully. Do not assume that you have been given a common speeding ticket or traffic violation ticket. Instead, look at the “charges” section of the ticket. If you see the letters RD then the officer issuing your ticket has charged you with reckless driving. You should also look at the speed the officer recorded on the ticket. If the officer claims that you were traveling over 85 mph or 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit, then you may have been charged with reckless driving.

What to Do If You Face Criminal Reckless Driving Charges

Another person involved in the crash may claim that you were driving recklessly and may raise that issue during a civil personal injury car accident case. That does not mean that you have been charged with the crime of reckless driving.

If the ticket or summons that you were given at the accident scene indicates reckless driving or if you are confused about whether or not you have been charged with reckless driving then it is important to contact an experienced reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible.

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