The short answer to this question is - what a lawyer can do for you depends on the lawyer you choose.  Face it, just like with any other profession or endeavor, there are good, effective, honest lawyers, and there are bad, ineffective, dishonest lawyers.  Some lawyers will diligently work on your case and can do a tremendous amount for you, perhaps even save you from being convicted of a Virginia Reckless Driving offense.  Other lawyers will do little, if anything, to fight for you or actually benefit you.  Sometimes the lack of advocacy for the client may be because the lawyer is just a bad lawyer.  Other times, it may be because the lawyer has adequate skill, but is lazy.  Still other times, it may be because the lawyer means well, but simply lacks the experience necessary to be most effective.  Of course, as the client, it doesn't matter to you why a lawyer is ineffective, and I recommend you avoid the bad lawyer, the lazy lawyer and the inexperienced lawyer.   

However, experienced, successful and reputable Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyers like those at The Wilson Law Firm will protect your rights and ensure you receive the full benefit of all the statutory and constitutional protections to which you are entitled, including the requirement that the government prove the allegation against you beyond a reasonable doubt. 

There are countless things a Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer can do to protect your rights - and those specific tactics and techniques are the product of many years of experience handling thousands of similar cases.  As in sports, veterans just generally know more than rookies, and the benefit of all those years of experience is part of what you pay for when you hire a lawyer who has "been there" and "seen it all" before.  You wouldn't want a rookie surgeon, and you don't want a rookie lawyer.  After all, you don't want to be the client who helps the inexperienced lawyer learn the lesson that the wiley veteran lawyer learned many years ago.

Manassas, Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer T. Kevin Wilson has successfully handled thousands of Reckless Driving cases, including getting a not guilty verdict in a tragic Reckless Driving case which involved two fatalities. 

If you have been accused of a Virginia Reckless Driving offense, Manassas, Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer T. Kevin Wilson and The Wilson Law Firm can help.