The answer to this question is complicated because there are both direct consequences which flow from Virginia courts and numerous collateral consequences which flow from the Virginia DMV and other sources. 

Since all Virginia Reckless Driving offenses are misdemeanor criminal offenses, the possible punishments which can be imposed by a Virginia court include the following:

  • a fine of up to $2,500 
  • up to 12 months in jail
  • a license suspension which can be as long as two years  

However, in addition to these punishments which can be imposed by the Virginia courts, there are numerous other possible collateral consequences which can, and in some cases will, follow a Virginia Reckless Driving conviction.  Some of these include:

  • having a permanent criminal record
  • having the Virginia DMV assess demerit points against your license
  • suffering an increase in your insurance premiums for several years
  • having an additional license suspension imposed by the Virginia DMV in certain circumstances
  • having to pay a reinstatement fee to the Virginia DMV
  • having to rely on friends, family, taxi cabs or public transportation to get to work
  • losing your secutiry clearance
  • losing your job
  • losing your ability to provide for yourself and your family
  • losing your home
  • having a suspended fine and/or jail sentence imposed for violating probation

Reckless Driving is a serious offense in Virginia and the punishments which can be imposed by a Virginia court can be devastating.  However, the possible consequences of a Virginia Reckless Driving conviction go far beyond the sentence imposed by a Virgnia Court and can include some, or all, of the collateral consequences listed above.  If you have been charged with a Virginia Reckless Driving offense, it is important for you to hire an experienced, skilled and successful Virginia Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer to put yourself in the best position to make the most of this unfortunate situation.