There Are Steps You Can Take When You Are a Passenger in a Car With a Reckless DriverThis can be a scary situation, but you are in an important position to help the court understand what truly happened in the moments leading up to your friend’s reckless driving arrest and to make sure that your friend’s legal rights are protected.

Three Things You Can Do If You Were a Passenger at the Time of a Reckless Driving Arrest

You have not been charged with a crime, but your role as a reckless driving witness is an important one. After the driver of the vehicle has been arrested for reckless driving, you can:

  • Tell the truth. No matter how much you want to help your friend, you can only help your friend by telling the truth about what happened. If you do not tell the truth, then you risk making your friend’s defense more complicated and creating legal trouble for yourself.

  • Encourage your friend to share your contact information with his attorney. You may have valuable information to share with the lawyer that could make a big difference in your friend’s defense.

  • Help your friend find a lawyer if he doesn’t already have one. Make sure that your friend understands why a reckless driving defense lawyer is so important. Your friend has not been accused of speeding or a simple traffic offense. Instead, your friend has been charged with a crime. You can get to know our reckless driving defense lawyers, and others, by searching the internet and checking out client testimonials.

Additionally, it is important to be a good friend. Be there to listen to your friend during this difficult time and to offer the moral support that you always offer. The process from a reckless driving arrest through the resolution of a reckless driving case can be stressful. Your loved one may be worried about money, about his job, about his family, or about the effect of a conviction on his immigration status. You can be there to support your friend through it all—and hopefully to celebrate when your friend’s case is over.