Unpaid Fines

If time to pay is not requested, and any amount remains unpaid after 40 days, the unpaid debt will be sent to the court’s collection agency. Also, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be notified to suspend your driver’s license or privilege to drive in Virginia if your fines, costs and any applicable fees are not paid within 15 days of the conviction date, unless a deferred payment plan has been approved.

The suspension will remain in place until:

  1. All fines, costs, and fees are paid to the court, or a deferred payment plan is approved,
  2. A reinstatement fee is paid to DMV.

Interest is charged on all unpaid fines and costs after 40 days. Currently, the legal rate of interest is 6 percent per year.


The Virginia Tax Department administers a program to collect outstanding debts owed to state agencies such as courts. In order to collect past due fines and costs:

  1. A portion of your wages can be garnished,
  2. Your state income tax refund can be withheld and sent to the court.