community service to reduce chargesVirginia is notorious for its strict reckless driving laws. However, it's often possible to use community service to reduce or drop your reckless driving ticket.

Court-Ordered Community Service

Judges can order community service at their discretion, although it's most commonly used for first-time offenders who haven't caused any injuries to others.

If you're interested in using community service to reduce or drop your reckless driving ticket, you should first discuss this approach with your attorney. He may recommend that you complete some of your volunteer work before your court date. Showing that you've already begun community service shows that you're taking the charge seriously and are eager to make amends.

Choosing What Type of Community Service to Complete

When you're deciding on what type of community service to complete, keep in mind that your volunteer work must be for a non-profit organization working to benefit the community as a whole. This means registered charities, schools, churches, and government organizations would all qualify.  

If you're having trouble coming up with a suitable community service option, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What causes are important to you personally? If you feel strongly about protecting animals, helping low income children, or saving the environment, choosing to work with a group that matches these priorities will make your work more enjoyable.
  • Do you have any unique skills to offer a non-profit organization? For example, if you're an accountant or public relations professional, you could choose to volunteer for an organization needing these specific services.
  • Do you have any specific scheduling concerns? Some types of volunteer work are inherently more flexible than others. For example, volunteering for an after-school program might not be feasible if you're working second or third shift.

Once you've selected a volunteer opportunity, you should discuss what you've chosen with your attorney. Community service used to reduce or drop a reckless driving charge needs to be appropriately verified before it will be accepted by the court.

Seeking Legal Representation

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