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After Conviction: Fines and Costs

The court has no discretion when assessing court costs - they are required by law in the Code of Virginia. Court costs will be automatically added to most fines before payment can be made. Therefore, if the judge tells you that your fine amount is $100.00, the total amount due will be $100.00 plus the amount of court costs.

Even if the judge suspends your fine, you still have to pay the court costs. Court costs can not be suspended by the court. Always check with the Clerk’s Office to find out the exact amount of your fine and costs, as failure to pay the fine and court costs in full will have negative consequences, including a suspension of your driver’s license.

There are additional costs assessed in cases involving conviction for drug and alcohol offenses.

If you failed to appear in court on your trial date and you were tried and found guilty in your absence, an additional fee was probably assessed.

If you were represented by a public defender or court appointed attorney and were convicted (found guilty), you will be required to pay additional costs to offset the expense to the Commonwealth of providing the lawyer to you. If you were represented by a public defender or court appointed attorney and were acquitted (found not guilty), you will not be required to pay for the services of the public defender or court appointed lawyer.

All fines and costs are due and owing to the court on the date of conviction. Arrangements may be made with the court Clerk if additional time to pay is needed; however, an additional fee will be assessed. Failure to make timely payments of fine and/or court costs will result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

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