If you have been arrested for a crime in Virginia, you may be put in jail or you may be out on bond. Although police may have arrested you and charged you with a crime, it does not mean that you will be convicted of that crime. Having an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney fighting for you can make all the difference in your case.

What can a Northern Virginia criminal defense lawyer do for you?

An attorney knowledgeable in the state's criminal laws can give you advice. This type of advice is not the same advice you can get from a friend or family member, as there is no guesswork involved. When attorneys are experienced in criminal cases, they know what to do in the criminal court system and how to fight to help you.

Do not plead guilty without talking with a Manassas criminal defense lawyer. You need expert advice from someone who cares, and at the Wilson Law Firm our knowledgeable defense attorneys will analyze all of your options and provide you with the best advice.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will also protect your interests to make sure that you are receiving the best deal possible. The District Attorney may not make you a fair plea offer, but the right attorney will know that and will protect you. Hiring the wrong attorney or representing yourself may allow you to accept an offer that isn't a good deal.

You need someone who can look out for you. If the other side is not offering a deal that is fair, then your attorney should keep your best interests in mind and challenge the other side by taking your case to trial.

When a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is handling your case, he knows how to fight your battle. A qualified lawyer will challenge the prosecution's theories, come up with alternative theories, suppress evidence or file motions to help protect you and weaken the evidence they may have against you.

When you hire an experienced defense attorney, he will know how to negotiate with the other side. Your lawyer should have an idea as to what the judge may be willing to agree to in this type of criminal case, and he will have options already in place such as community service, alcohol and drug treatment programs, or something else that fits the crime.

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