If you have been accused of credit card theft in Virginia, there are many possible charges you may face, including identity theft, forgery, and grand larceny. Often these types of crimes are considered white-collar crimes or economic crimes.

Credit card fraud may include using a lost or stolen credit card, a revoked credit card or a fake credit card with the intent to defraud. Depending upon how the card was used and the amounts and charges spent, this crime may be punishable as a felony offense with jail time and heavy fines.

If you are facing charges for credit card fraud, you need to contact an experienced Manassas, Virginia criminal defense attorney for legal advice today. An attorney will be able to work with you and investigate the case against you, explaining your options along the way.

Defenses Against Credit Card Theft Charges

A defense attorney, who is experienced in this type of law, will be able to look for possible defenses in your case. Sometimes fraud, credit card theft, embezzlement and identity theft are committed due to a drug addiction, psychological issue, or gambling addiction. If you are suffering from an addiction or a mental issue, we may be able to argue for a lesser charge.

If you are facing charges of credit card theft or any other type of fraud in northern Virginia, we will:

  • Investigate the case against you

  • Investigate possible defenses and options

  • Work with you and explain your options

  • Communicate all charges and information clearly to you

  • Prepare the best defense case for your situation

When you hire an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney regarding theft charges you face, we may be able to get your charges lessened or see that you get alternative sentencing for your crime.

Don't make the mistake of waiting until it is too late to do something about it. Just because you have been charged with a theft crime in Virginia does not mean that you will get the maximum punishment for that charge. You have a legal right to hire a lawyer who has experience in criminal proceedings who can help represent you and get you the best possible outcome.

Speak With A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Virginia criminal defense attorneys represent people on theft and fraud charges including robbery, burglary, petty theft, credit card theft, grand theft, embezzlement, shoplifting, forgery, passing bad checks, and obtaining money by false pretenses. There are many possible defenses for your case. Allow us the time to discuss your case with you and investigate the matter.

Call us and we will investigate your case, interview witnesses and present the best possible defense. Don't let a mistake that you made affect the rest of your life. Call the Wilson Law Firm today at (800) DUI-LWYR or (703) 361-6100 and speak with an experienced northern Virginia criminal defense lawyer.