Have you just been ticketed for a criminal offense for reckless driving in Virginia? Surprisingly, being ticketed for reckless driving in the state of Virginia is a very serious offense. Virginia is one of the states with the harshest penalties for this offense. Before you try to attempt to get out of this mess alone or pay the ticket, you should try to learn what is considered reckless driving in Virginia and the penalties that come with this offense.

How is reckless driving defined in Virginia?

Reckless driving is dangerous driving, and it is a more serious offense than careless or negligent driving. You can be pulled over and ticketed with this offense if you are speeding in excess of 85 miles per hour or are driving more than 20 miles per hour past the speed limit.

It can be punished with a costly ticket, prison sentence, driver's license suspension, and other penalties. In fact, if you are ticketed for reckless driving you can face a criminal charge, a Class One misdemeanor (which is the same penalty as a DUI or DWI offense), jail time, thousands of dollars in fines, and points on your driving record. In addition, your automobile insurance coverage will probably increase its premiums and fees.

What are the specific fines associated with Virginia reckless driving penalties?

If you pay the reckless driving ticket and fines, it is the same thing as pleading guilty to this charge. You will have a criminal record, even if you are not required to serve jail time. Most of the reckless driving charges stay on your DMV record for eleven years and carry six points against your driving record.

The maximum penalties and fines include:

  • Class One misdemeanor

  • $2,500 in fines

  • Six month driver's license suspension

  • Six months suspension to operate a motor vehicle

  • Six points on your DMV record

  • Up to one year in jail

  • Increased insurance rates

If you have been pulled over in Manassas, Virginia for speeding and suddenly you are faced with a criminal charge of reckless driving, do not pay the ticket or try to get out of this serious charge on your own. Hiring an experienced attorney can help your case. Your attorney may be able to get your charge dropped to a speeding ticket instead of a criminal offense. Why would you want a criminal charge to stay on your record? Do yourself a favor and call the experienced lawyers at the Wilson Law Firm to discuss your case with a Virginia reckless driving lawyer. We may be able to knock your criminal charge to a civil charge, keep you out of jail, and save you money in fines.

An experienced attorney will be able to obtain police records making sure that the laser gun or radar device that was used to clock you has been calibrated within the past six months. Also, some jurisdictions allow drivers who have been charged with reckless driving to enroll in a driver improvement program. Once the program is successfully completed, the charges will be dismissed. An attorney can help get you into this program and may be able to talk your criminal charge down to a speeding ticket or civil charge.

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