evidence to fight a reckless driving chargeReceiving a reckless driving ticket can be scary, but there are several different types of evidence you can use to fight the charge, including the following:

  • Speedometer calibration. If you've been charged with reckless driving by speed, a speedometer calibration can be used to prove your speed. Certificates are relatively inexpensive to obtain and generally don't need to be provided to the court unless they will help your case.
  • GPS evidence. GPS evidence supported by a speedometer calibration can be particularly helpful if you were clocked traveling close to the reckless driving cutoff of 85 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. In these cases, a discrepancy of even just a few miles can be enough to reduce or drop the charge.
  • Witness testimony. Witness testimony can prove valuable if you're charged with a type of reckless driving that requires specific forms of misconduct. For example, reckless driving charges for drag racing require you to be in a race with two or more drivers that has a defined start point and end point. It must also take place on public streets or highways or in the driveway or parking lot of a facility open to the public. If witness testimony can be used to cast doubt on any of these elements, you will have a strong case to drop or reduce the charge.
  • Evidence of improper signage. If your reckless driving charge involves mistakes made because of vandalized, missing, or obscured road signs, photographs showing the lack of correct signage can be used as evidence in your case. This type of evidence is especially helpful if you were ticketed while driving in an area that is somewhat unfamiliar to you.
  • Evidence of your commitment to safe driving. If you had a spotless driving record before this charge, this can be used to show that you are committed to safe driving. If your record is less than perfect, completing a driver improvement clinic can be a way to encourage the court to show leniency.

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