Have you been arrested for a crime in Virginia? Are you looking at prison time or serious criminal penalties? If so, there is no time to waste. As soon as you are arrested, the prosecution will attempt to move the case along and convict you as soon as they can. You need an experienced Northern Virginia criminal defense lawyer on your side who can fight back against the prosecution.

Just because you have been arrested does not mean that you need to plead guilty. In fact, having an experienced defense lawyer on your side will help you. Many times skilled criminal lawyers can find defenses and arguments that could lessen or negate your crime altogether.

A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney May Make Your Bad Situation Better

A criminal defense lawyer at the Wilson Law Firm will:
  • Understand your criminal charges and explain them to you better.
  • Remain objective and provide you with insight on what they think will happen with your case based on their experience.
  • Understand and protect your rights. For example, if the police searched your car, apartment or home illegally, a skilled criminal defense lawyer would look for that and have it thrown out.
  • Advise you during police questioning.
  • Collect testimony that will help your defense, if available.
  • Obtain evidence that will strengthen your case, if applicable.
  • Hire investigators, if needed.
  • Find factors that could lessen your charges.
  • Come up with arguments that could potentially lead to your release.
  • Navigate your case through the legal system.
  • Save you time and money by knowing the local rules of the court.
  • Cross-examine the prosecution's witnesses to make the prosecution's case less believable. 
  • Fight every procedural motion.
  • Take your case in front of a jury, if needed.
  • Negotiate a deal between you and the prosecution to reduce your sentencing and charges.
  • Keep your best interest in mind every step of the way.
What may seem like a simple misdemeanor on paper may not turn out to be so simple if you do not have the right defense attorney on your side to negotiate on your behalf. If you have been charged with a crime in Northern Virginia, please call a qualified Manassas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Wilson Law Firm has the experience you can entrust your case to. We have handled theft and fraud cases, many different drug and weapons offenses, as well as other serious crimes throughout Virginia. If you have been arrested for misdemeanor or felony in the Commonwealth of Virginia, call our skilled defense attorneys today at (703) 361-6100 for a free legal consultation.