Instead of being accused of committing a criminal or traffic infraction in Virginia, you may become involved with Virginia’s criminal justice system because you were the victim of a crime or because you observed an alleged offense take place. In either case, you will likely receive a subpoena requiring you to come to court and testify about what you saw, what you know or what happened to you. Although coming to court to testify in such a case may be a frightening or frustrating experience for you, it is important that you do so.

In some Virginia jurisdictions there is a Victim Witness Assistance Program which may be able to provide assistance by:

  1. Providing crisis intervention and short-term counseling;
  2. Preparing you for your role in a trial;
  3. Notifying you of the status of your case, and of schedule changes;
  4. Providing transportation to and from court, and a court escort to all court proceedings;
  5. Assisting you to write a Victim Impact Statement, and to apply for Victim Compensation;
  6. Offering Victim and Survivor Support Groups.