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Our Resources Allow You to Choose Which Legal Option is Best for Your Virginia DUI and Criminal Defense Needs

Our law firm has collected a list of federal and state links that may be useful to you if you are involved in a criminal offense, reckless driving and serious traffic offense, or an alcohol-related offense in Virginia. We also have out-of-state resources and links that may help you if your incident did not take place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia DUI and DWI

  • 1800DUILaws.com

    The Wilson Law Firm is a member of www.1800DUILAWS.com <http://www.1800DUILAWS.com> a complete DUI / DWI resource for people who have been arrested for DUI / DWI in Virginia.  This comprehensive site has the information you need to better understand how a DUI/DWI case works its way through the system, and to research me and my qualifications as a DUI / DWI attorney. For more information about Virginia DUI / DWI laws, or for more information about us, please see www.1800duilaws.com <http://www.1800duilaws.com> .

  • National College for DUI Defense

    Locate a knowledgeable and capable DUI defense attorney in any state.


    Upon being convicted for an alcohol related offense in Virginia, you may be required to enroll in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP). VASAP is a statewide program with physical offices in many jurisdictions.

Virginia Reckless Driving and Serious Traffic Offenses

Virginia Criminal Defense

  • Restoration of Rights

    Persons convicted of a felony in Virginia lose certain rights as residents. To have some of these rights restored following a specific amount of time after completion of probation, persons may petition a Virginia Governor.

  • Pardons

    Virginia legislation only allows expungments of criminal records where charges are dismissed or nolle prosequi based on merit of the specific case. In certain exceptional situations criminal records may be pardoned by a Virginia Governor.

DMV Resources by State


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