"My prior experience with the law/courtrooms/lawyers/judges/etc. had been only that of a juror pulling jury duty.  I had never been on the other side of the aisle. It became immediately apparent that decisions made in court are not defined by the simple banging of the gavel as Hollywood would lead one to believe. There is a whole dance going on that the untrained eye would never see. There are steps performed which are dictated by complicated rhythms, principal dancers who must be given their due importance and the focus on stage at just the crucial moments, and the defined music (the law) which must never be compromised. I am a classically trained dancer; however, I felt confident participating in this ballet of sorts with the expert handling of Kevin and Melissa.  All necessary elements were adeptly delivered by The Wilson Law Firm, but the extraordinarily impressive element was the way Melissa and Kevin glided through the intricate nuances of the evolving movements.  They made sure their client's best interests and the dictates of the law were respected beyond what was required.

As the premiere danseur, it was obvious that Kevin had expertly maneuvered this choreography before, which is why he was able to achieve the delicate balance between the rights of the clients and the law's requirements.  Every case has an inherently unique quality.  The way Kevin helped me achieve the best possible outcome in my specifically difficult situation in just 16 days made it clear that he understands the special circumstances of each case, and knows how to deliver results accordingly.

Melissa's strong preparation, research, understanding of the seriousness of the issues, while exhibiting human warmth throughout the process, allowed the firm to complete its outstanding work."