"Late in July of this year, I had the unfortunate experience, after my wife and I had dinner and a few beers, of being stopped for speeding - 40 in a 25 - while we were on the way home.  I've been driving for fifty years and in all that time never had a moving violation.  The speeding stop degenerated into a DUI arrest when, not knowing all the ‘rules of engagement.' I agreed to Field Sobriety and Breathalyzer (BAC) Tests.

I've never been arrested before, so the act of being handcuffed and shoehomed into a police car as my wife looked on - in some distress - was a complete shock.  I have to day that I was angry and scared.  From there to the police station I had what must be the usual ‘this can't be happening to me' response.  But that wasn't the end of the embarrassment.  At the police station I had to repeat the BAC test and then had to be fingerprinted and photographed.  Some three hours after the arrest, I was finally released on my own recognizance after appearing before a magistrate and being given a trial date.

Only the next day, after searching the Internet for possible consequences of a DUI in VA, did I realize how serious the arrest could be - loss of license, points, large fines and jail time were all possible outcomes  It became clear that I needed a lawyer, and quickly.

I did a second Internet search, this time for law firms specializing in DUI defense.  I decided on the Wilson Law Firm, but it wasn't until I had my first discussion with Melissa that I had the ‘you've made the right choice' feeling.  She put me at ease about my choice and set up a meeting with Kevin Wilson.  Her prompt responses to dozens of questions and concerns and her empathy and regular reassurances that things would be well made my life easier.

My meetings with Kevin Wilson to discuss strategy reaffirmed my choice of law firms.  He was confident and assured, and solicited my opinions regarding the case.  His expertise was obvious and he took care to ensure that I was on board with his approach.  At that point it was up to me to deliver my supporting documentation and Kevin's to finalize his approach.

My day in court turned out exceedingly well, given the possible outcomes.  Kevin negotiated a reduction in the charge from DUI to reckless driving, and I received a modest fine, suspended jail time and no suspension or restriction of my license. I'd been prepared for the possibility of a much more serious outcome.

I'm extremely pleased with my choice of The Wilson Law Firm.  Kevin Wilson and Melissa Hernandez are a great team.  I always felt they were working together with me and for me.  Melissa was always upbeat and made me feel that we'd get the best outcome possible.  Kevin was calm and professional.  I'd recommend them without hesitation to people finding themselves in ‘DUI difficulties.'"