When you are charged with an offense, you have to retain counsel that specializes in defending that specific offense. If you are charged with a DUI or alcohol related offense, you must retain T. Kevin Wilson.

After being found guilty of DUI, I was brought back to court for an ASAP violation.  Mr. Wilson did not represent me on either the DUI or the first ASAP violation and I was incarcerated for the violation.  After being charged with a second ASAP violation, I hired Mr. Wilson to represent me.  

When my case was called we stood before the judge and Mr. Wilson began to present his argument, which, by the way, was excellent.  However, the judge seemed adamant about incarceration since this was my second violation.  After a few minutes the judge told us to sit down and the case would be recalled later in the docket.  I assume this was because Mr. Wilson was fighting for me and the judge realized it was going to take some time to resolve the case, so the judge decided to handle some of the quicker cases first.  

While we sat waiting to be recalled, Mr. Wilson pulled out what I assume was a book of the Virginia statutes, reviewed it, and wrote some additional notes.  I would not have noticed if I hadn't glanced over to see what he was doing.  When my case was called again, Mr. Wilson presented another excellent argument which somehow kept me from going to jail - an outcome which seemed impossible after the judges initial response.  Mr. Wilson's extensive knowledge of both the law and the ignition interlock device, combined with the standards he maintains with regards to representing his clients, is the only reason I did not go to jail.

What Mr. Wilson did, you only see on TV. In my experience, lawyers do not put that much effort into helping their clients. If that's the kind of effort you're looking for, T. Kevin Wilson is your attorney.