Prentiss Jolly, a 47-year old Major for the Memphis Police Department, was arrested Monday morning on drunk driving charges after he crashed into another car.  Jolly reportedly refused the breathalyzer.  As a 20 year veteran of the MPD, Jolly has seen his share of incidences.  In 1990, he was charged with a DUI and refusal to submit a blood or breath test and his position with the police department was terminated.  Later, civil service put him back to work and then in 2004 he was terminated again for allegations he threatened to kill his wife.  Jolly was cleared of the charges and, again, put back on duty.

MPD Director Larry Godwin says: "It's disappointing, I know he's disappointed, he's not the first officer and I'm sad to say I'm sure he won't be the last."



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