Lawyer Pointing to an Investigation SignThe police often conduct a criminal investigation and collect evidence before arresting someone. If you are worried you are being investigated, it is important to know the warning signs to watch out for. This will help you protect your rights and not give law enforcement officials any information they can use against you.

Signs That the Virginia Police Are Investigating You

There are many telltale signs that the police are investigating you. Some common signs include:

  • Police contact you. One of the most common first steps law enforcement officers may take is to call you or come to your house to talk to you about a criminal case. An even bigger red flag is if they ask you to go to the police station. You have a right to remain silent and should exercise this right.
  • Police or unmarked cars are nearby. If you notice police or unmarked vehicles near your home or job or someone following you, you may be under surveillance. The police could switch vehicles and officers periodically to hide their surveillance tactics.
  • Police speak to family or friends. Another warning sign that you are a suspect is if police officers question your family, friends, romantic partner, or co-workers about you.
  • You receive an unknown friend request. You should be very careful about what you post on social media sites. The police may be trying to friend you and search your social media sites for evidence they can use to charge you with committing a crime.

What You Should Do if You Think You Are the Subject of a Virginia Criminal Investigation

You should immediately retain a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights if you spot any warning signs or are afraid you are being investigated for another reason. Here are ways contacting a lawyer can help you:

  • They can tell you what the police might be looking for or how they may further communicate with you, given your circumstances.
  • They can explain your options if the criminal investigation continues or you are arrested.
  • They can conduct their own pre-arrest investigation to determine the potential charges you face and evidence the police are collecting.
  • They can be on call to advise you if police officers contact or arrest you.

Are you worried you are a suspect in a criminal investigation in Virginia? Are you facing criminal charges? Our experienced criminal defense lawyers can help you whether you are being investigated or charged with a crime. Call our Manassas office at 888-DUI-LWYR or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your free initial consultation today to learn more about how we can assist you.


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