If you get arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia, there is a period of time called the administrative license suspension in which your driver's license is revoked for a defined time period.

Did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends a 90-day administrative license suspension period for DUI offenders? Currently, the state of Virginia's suspension period for DUI offenders is seven days, but Senate Bill 1075 was recently brought before the Senate committee in an attempt to change the period in Virginia to 60 days.

The Senate panel killed the bill that would have made the DUI penalties stricter and more in line with the national DUI standards. In fact, 43 states have an administrative license suspension period, and Virginia's is the shortest.

Because the license suspension happens before someone is convicted, DUI defense lawyers may be able to argue that revoking a driver's license before a person's trial is unfair. For more DUI defenses, contact T. Kevin Wilson at the Wilson Law Firm toll free at (800) DUI - LWYR or locally at (703) 361-6100 today.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Northern Virginia, speaking with an experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer is wise. There are defenses and options to possibly keep you out of jail and get your charges lessened.

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