Welcome to Canada StampWe often say on this blog that reckless driving is not the same as a speeding ticket. Reckless driving is a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a reckless driving conviction can have serious consequences. Here at home, a reckless driving conviction can result in a fine and jail time, for example.

VA Reckless Driving Conviction May Prevent Your Visit to Canada

A reckless driving misdemeanor or felony conviction in Virginia could prevent a United States citizen from entering Canada. In both Virginia and Canada, reckless driving is a serious crime that puts people at risk of getting hurt. If you are convicted of reckless driving speeding, reckless driving drag racing, or another form of reckless driving in Virginia, then Canadian officials may not allow you to enter the country either at a land border crossing or at the airport. Similarly, other driving-related crimes, such as drunk driving, may prevent your entry into Canada. A regular speeding ticket, however, should not affect you at the Canadian border.

In some cases, exceptions to these general rules may be made, however, and you should always consult with an experienced attorney if a visit to Canada is important to you and you have been convicted of a crime in the United States.

Talk to a VA Reckless Driving Lawyer About All the Consequences of a Conviction

You may not have anticipated that you could be denied entry to Canada because of a reckless driving conviction in Virginia, and there may be other consequences of a Virginia reckless driving conviction that you haven’t yet considered. For example, you may not have thought about how your conviction will impact your job or your children.

Let an experienced reckless driving lawyer explain all of the possible impacts that a reckless driving conviction or guilty plea could have on your life. Contact Attorney T. Kevin Wilson today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can make sure that all of your rights are protected and that you don’t suffer any unnecessary consequences.


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