Being convicted of drunk driving in Virginia carries stiff penalties, including fines, jail time, and the stigma of a criminal record. However, one often overlooked aspect of a DUI conviction is how it may affect your employment prospects.

Do I Have to Inform My Employer of My DUI?

You are not legally required to notify your employer of a DUI arrest or conviction. If you apply for a restricted license after a DUI conviction, however, the court will require proof of your employment and working hours. Depending upon where in Virginia you live, you may need a statement on company letterhead or a signed form that specifically states you're applying for restricted license due to a DUI.

Can I Be Fired for a DUI Conviction?

When you've been charged with a DUI, you'll want to review your company's handbook very carefully. Many companies require you to report DWI arrests and/or convictions to the human resources department.

Every company is a little different, but you are more likely to be disciplined or terminated for a DUI if your job requires driving. For example, a license suspension for a DUI automatically suspends your CDL. Even if you have a restricted license to drive your personal vehicle to work, the restricted license won't allow you to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

If you are required to maintain a valid security clearance for your employment, you might run into problems since a DUI conviction is a criminal charge. You may be able to get an exemption for a single offense, but could run into trouble if you have other criminal charges on your record.

How Can My Attorney Help Protect My Privacy?

If you're concerned about how a DUI conviction will affect your employment, your attorney may be able to schedule your court appearance at a time that won't interfere with your work schedule. Arrangements to serve jail time may require some time off work, but can be handled in a way that protects your privacy as much as possible.

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