man handcuffed questioned by police

Many people worry that hiring a criminal defense lawyer once they have been arrested or investigated by the police will make them look guilty, especially if they have been falsely accused of a crime. However, protecting your rights is much more important than worrying about what the police think about you.

Four Reasons Not to Worry About Whether You Appear Guilty by Retaining an Attorney

You will most likely have a better outcome in your criminal case if you hire a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer as soon as you know you are a suspect. Here is why this is more important than worrying about whether this makes you look guilty:

  • Police perception. Even if the police suggest you must be guilty if you hire a lawyer, this should not concern you. They already believe you are guilty if they consider you a suspect or have charged you with a criminal offense. 
  • Your constitutional rights. You have a constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer if you are charged with a crime and should hire one immediately. By exercising this right, you will avoid making statements or other mistakes in your criminal case that the police could use against you to convict you.
  • Your innocence. Even if you are innocent, you need a lawyer. Many innocent people are coerced into confessing or are convicted of crimes they did not commit. You are much more likely to achieve a favorable outcome in your criminal case if an attorney defends you.
  • Protection of your rights. A lawyer will protect you against the tactics the police could use when interrogating you and identify any mistakes the police made in collecting evidence against you. They will also raise your defenses to fight the charges you face, explain what could happen in your criminal case, and negotiate a plea bargain if this is in your best interests.

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