DUI and child custodyAlthough the court can't take away custody of your child due to a DUI conviction alone, the charge could present a problem if you're currently in the middle of a divorce or a custody battle with a former partner.

Impact of a DUI Conviction on Child Custody

In a child custody case, keep in mind that there are two types of custody that must be decided: legal custody (the ability to make decisions about a child's upbringing such education and religious affiliation) and physical custody (how much time a child will physically spend with each parent).

A DUI conviction is unlikely to affect legal custody, but may affect physical custody if there is other evidence raising concerns regarding your moral character or fitness as a parent. This might include:

  • Additional evidence suggesting you have a substance abuse problem
  • Evidence your alcohol use has already placed the child in danger, such having your child in the car when you're under the influence
  • Signs of child neglect, such as a child arriving for school hungry and in dirty clothes
  • Signs of child abuse, such as unexplained bruises
  • Previous criminal convictions of any type
  • Evidence of an aggressive or temperamental personality
  • Minimal past involvement in your child's daily care

When judges award physical custody, they are trying to decide which parent is best equipped to provide a stable and safe home environment. This includes tasks such as transporting children to school and activities, helping with homework, preparing meals, providing appropriate discipline, and serving as a positive adult role model. Older children may be allowed to express a preference as to which parent they want to live with, but a judge always has the authority to rule against the child's wishes if there are safety issues involved.

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