For many people, the most stressful aspect of a reckless driving conviction is dealing with the loss of driving privileges. Fortunately, it's often possible to receive a restricted license if you petition the court.

Receiving a Restricted License

If you were convicted of reckless driving, the court can grant you a restricted license at the time of the conviction. The judge is not required to approve your request for a restricted license, but demonstrating a legitimate need for transportation and being respectful throughout the process can increase the odds of your request being granted.

A restricted license allows you to drive only during specific times, typically for purposes deemed of high importance by the court. For example:

  • Traveling to and from work or school
  • Necessary transportation during working hours
  • Traveling to and from medical appointments
  • Transporting your minor child to school or attending child visitation
  • Attending worship services
  • Traveling to and from court or a probation program

In most cases, the restricted license is a green piece of paper that lists your specific driving restrictions. You must sign the paper and keep it with you at all times.

Penalties for Violating the Terms of a Restricted License

You are not allowed to drive for any reason that is not specifically listed on your restricted license. This includes small side trips such as stopping to get groceries on your way home from your child's school or giving a coworker a ride to or from work. Driving for unauthorized purposes can lead to your restricted license being revoked, as well as adding additional fines or potential jail time to your sentence.

The Value of Skilled Legal Representation

While a reckless driving conviction carries stiff penalties, having a skilled attorney to guide you through the process can help you with steps such as requesting a restricted license or filing an appeal. Virginia attorney T. Kevin Wilson is committed to helping clients build an aggressive defense against reckless driving charges. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation initial case review.