A reckless driving by speed charge carries significant penalties, including hefty fines and the possibility of jail time. For this reason, it's vital that you work to build the strongest possible defense before heading to court. However, there are some defenses that aren’t likely to help your case. Useless defenses for reckless driving

4 Reckless Driving Defenses That Won't Work

When a driver tries to fight a reckless driving by speed ticket on his own, he often resorts to defenses that have little chance of success. Here are the most commonly attempted defenses that simply won't work:

  1. I was driving with the flow of traffic. This is one of the most popular reckless driving defenses by people who try to handle their ticket without an attorney, and it never works. It's the adult equivalent of a child saying "everyone else was doing it" to excuse the misbehavior. In the eyes of the law, you alone are responsible for your actions.
  2. Other speeding drivers weren't stopped. This defense is similar to “driving with the flow of traffic” excuse and just as unlikely to hold up in court. The judge realizes that one officer can't possibly stop every single speeding car on a busy road. As long as the officer establishes that you were speeding, it doesn't matter what anyone else was doing.
  3. The officer identified the wrong car. Although you're correct in thinking it's difficult to identify individual cars in heavy traffic, the judge is going to accept the testimony of an officer who swears under oath that he clocked your vehicle exceeding the speed limit. Officers are trained to make sure they are identifying the correct driver before issuing a ticket.
  4. I needed a bathroom break. Although a serious or life-threatening medical emergency can sometimes be used as a defense for reckless driving, simply needing to use the restroom isn't going to get your charge dropped.

Building a Solid Defense

The best way to beat a reckless driving ticket is to hire a skilled attorney who can build a solid defense based on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. The Wilson Law Firm has extensive experience helping Virginia drivers get their reckless driving by speed charges dropped or reduced. To learn more, please call to schedule a free, no-obligation case review.