Driver Receiving a Reckless Driving Ticket in VirginiaThere are some traffic offenses that you can prepay. For these non-criminal offenses, you may simply pay a fine and move on with your life.

Reckless driving is not one of these offenses. Reckless driving is a crime, and you can’t prepay a fine to make the situation go away.

When the officer hands you a piece of paper after you are pulled over for reckless driving, you are not getting get a ticket. Instead, you are receiving a summons. This summons describes the charges against you and requires you to appear in court to defend yourself against the charges.

Defend Yourself If You’re Charged With Reckless Driving

You likely wanted to prepay your reckless driving ticket so that you could put this matter behind you. Since that is not an option, you will have to defend yourself in court and prevent the prosecution from proving that you were driving recklessly in violation of Virginia law.

An experienced reckless driving lawyer can analyze the evidence against you and identify the right defenses in your case. Your attorney can then use this information to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution or to represent you before the court.

The potential consequences of distracted driving are significant. You may face jail time, fines, a reversal of your security clearance, and trouble finding a job. However, these consequences are not inevitable. You may be able to fight them. It may take longer than simply sending in a check to pay for a traffic infraction, but it does not have to be more stressful if you work with the right attorney who understands this area of the law and who will aggressively defend you against the charges you face.

Attorney T. Kevin Wilson has the experience and training that you need if you face reckless driving criminal charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contact him today through our online contact form or by phone to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how you can resolve these charges against you.