If you have been arrested for a DUI or DWI in Virginia and are considering handling the process on your own to escape attorney fees, there are several guidelines you may want to consider before representing yourself in this process.

First, remember that this is your life on the line, and that attorneys handling DUI cases in Virginia know this process inside and out and know how to help you avoid certain penalties. The circumstances surrounding your DUI will determine if you should hire a Virginia DUI lawyer.

If you have any of the following situations, you should consider hiring an experienced Northern Virginia drunk driving attorney to help you with your DUI charges:

Previous DWI/DUIs: If you have received prior DUIs, then you should seriously consider hiring a drunk driving lawyer to represent you, even if your DUI was in another state. Drivers with multiple DUIs face harsher penalties and need someone on their side who knows the law.

Death resulting from a DUI accident: When your DWI arrest is a result of an accident in which someone else was seriously injured or killed, you NEED to hire a DUI lawyer, as you will be facing possible jail time and serious fines.

BAC level double that of Virginia's legal limit: When your blood alcohol content levels are twice that of the state's legal limit, you may face harsher penalties. Hiring an attorney knowledgeable in Virginia's drunken driving laws may help you avoid some penalties and fines.

Worried about future job implications: If you have a job that depends on driving, or if you are worried about getting a future job, then it is important to hire a DUI lawyer. A DUI on your record could prevent you from getting a job that requires bonding or that runs background checks. An experienced DWI lawyer will help you obtain the case outcome you want.

Most Virginia DUI lawyers will offer free legal consultations. It is a good idea to at least talk to attorneys during this process and ask your questions. By hiring an experienced drunk driving lawyer for your case, you will understand your rights and the consequences you face and feel easier about the process.

The Wilson Law Firm will provide you with a free consultation. Call a Northern Virginia DUI defense lawyer at (800) DUI - LWYR or (703) 361-6100. You can also request a copy of our FREE book, DUI/DWI Arrest Survival Guide - The Guilt Myth, which will help answer some of the questions you have about the Virginia DUI/DWI process.