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How Strong are Alcoholic Beverages?

Below is a chart displaying the various methods of production and the approximate alcohol content for several types of alcoholic beverages.

Beverage Type Method of Production Approximate %
Alcohol Content
Beer Brewing / Fermentation of cereals 3.5-6
Brandy Distillation of fruit juices 50
Champagne Fermentation of grape juice 10-14
Cider Fermentation of apples 8-10
Gin Distillation of cereals 40-50
Vodka Distillation of potatoes, sugar beets 40-50
Whiskey Distillation of corn, barley, rye, wheat 40-50
Wine, Fortified Fermentation of grapes with addition of brandy 14-30
Wine, Red / White Fermentation of red and white grapes 10-14

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