After your Virginia DUI arrest, you may feel like you have no chance of fighting the charges and you may feel like giving up, but don't. Many DUI/DWI cases can be won with the right strategy and a knowledgeable drunk driving attorney on your side. By seeking legal advice and doing your due diligence, it can help your case out tremendously.

Go Back and Visit the Scene of Your Virginia DUI Arrest

You may wonder why visiting the DUI scene would be important, and as a Northern Virginia DUI lawyer I can tell you that revisiting the scene of your arrest is critical to your case.

You may not have realized something about the location where your DUI arrest took place, which is why you need to take your DUI lawyer with you when you revisit the scene. A skilled drunk driving defense lawyer knows what to look for and analyze at the scene, which may be useful to your case.

First, a lawyer will pay attention to the lighting of the street where your traffic stop was made. He will look at the street and surface conditions in which the field sobriety test (FST) was performed in order to confirm if the area was dimly lit or had something wrong with the ground. Factors that could have affected your field sobriety test could include a slippery ground, wet surface, rocky or gravely ground, uneven or patchy street, poor lighting, or a graded or sloped street.

Adverse Road Conditions Could Affect Your FST

If you had to complete a field sobriety test in Virginia on any of the above-mentioned road conditions, it could have made it difficult to perform the tests accurately. Even sober people have a hard time completing field sobriety tests, and adverse conditions can make it even more difficult.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced VA Drunk Driving Lawyer

After your DUI arrest there are many other things to look at besides the site of your arrest, and a skilled northern Virginia DUI defense lawyer will know what to thoroughly review in your case. It is in your best interest to contact a qualified Manassas, Virginia DUI lawyer immediately so he can start reviewing the details surrounding your arrest and building your case.

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