Isn't it interesting how we live in a world that is constantly changing? However, when laws change, you need to be aware of the adjustments that could possibly affect you, and the Wilson Law Firm is here to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible.

There are two current topics in the news that may perhaps affect drunk driving laws for first-time offenders and repeat DUI offenders in Virginia.

What possible changes are first-time DUI offenders facing?

Currently, first-time DUI offenders in Virginia do not have to install ignition locks on their vehicles unless they have a BAC of .15 or higher. However, a new bill has just advanced in the House Courts of Justice Committee that may change this rule. The bill, HB1589, would require ignition locks to be installed on vehicles of first-time DUI offenders with restricted driving licenses.

The bill has not been passed yet, but did just advance. We will be monitoring the proposed bill and update you if there are any changes to the Virginia DUI laws.

What possible changes are second-time DUI offenders facing?

Recently, Cambridge Health Alliance, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, released a study on repeat drunk driving offenders. Their statistics show that approximately one-third of DUI arrests in this nation will be repeat offenders.

The study indicates that DUI offenders typically suffer from other disorders, in addition to an alcohol disorder. Their study suggests that 41% of the participants had a drug-related disorder, and 44% of the participants had a major mental disorder. Their project has looked at the relationship between repeat drunk driving offenders and their psychiatric profiles. They have discovered that typically repeat BAC offenders have psychiatric problems.

Currently, the justice system does not have treatment for psychiatric and mental disorders. In fact, the treatment that DUI offenders receive is an alcohol education course. The question this study now raises is, should the justice system give DUI offenders a mental health assessment and provide treatment for these issues?

The DUI defense lawyers of the Wilson Law Firm will keep you posted on any and all changes that could affect the Virginia DUI laws.

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