Advantages of Hiring a Drunk Driving AttorneyYou’ve been charged with driving under the influence in Virginia. Paying a drunk driving defense lawyer is not in your budget and is not how you want to spend your money, but failing to hire an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer can be much costlier than legal fees.

What it Could Cost You If You Don’t Hire a Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

There are many potential costs associated with a drunk driving conviction or guilty plea. Some of those costs are incurred once, and some occur over several years. The costs include:

  • Court fees

  • An increase in insurance premiums for at least three years

  • An increase in the amount of insurance that you are legally required to purchase

  • Court imposed fines

  • Traffic school fees

  • Alcohol treatment program fees

  • DMV fee to reinstate your license

  • Ignition interlock set up and monthly fees

  • Lost wages and opportunities that you cannot earn or achieve while you are busy in court, traffic school, or treatment

These costs can add up to many thousands of dollars and, if you try to defend yourself in a drunk driving case, then you may have to pay this money or take on a costly appeal.

What it Could Cost You If You Hire a Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer  

It matters which lawyer you hire. While a lawyer with less experience may charge less, it may ultimately not be in your best financial interest to hire the least expensive attorney. DUI cases are complex, and you need an experienced lawyer who is going to help you protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome in the face of the serious charge against you.

The Wilson Law Firm would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation about your rights. Let’s talk about how we may be able to help you and what we will charge to do it. Every case is different, so we can’t give you a specific amount that we charge in this article. However, we can tell you that we will represent you for a reasonable flat fee and that you will know exactly what it will cost you before you are under any obligation to hire us. If you decide to hire us then we will accept payment by cash, check, or credit card.

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