Driving drunk without even knowing it? Is that possible?

This may be the case if you ingested alcohol unknowingly. If you did not consent to drinking alcohol and it was given to you without your knowledge, then you may be a victim of involuntary intoxication. If this situation happened to you, this defense is a possible strategy that could be used in your DUI case in Virginia.

When you get arrested for suspicion of DUI or DWI in Virginia, there may be certain defenses available to you, depending upon your circumstances. Although possible DUI defenses are listed here in this article, it is always best to contact a skilled Virginia drunk driving attorney for help after your arrest. Drunk driving in Virginia is looked upon seriously, and you should not attempt to handle this on your own.

Other DUI/DWI defenses besides involuntary intoxication include:
  • Necessity: An attorney may use this defense if you drove under the influence of alcohol due to necessity. If you had a medical emergency or if the person you were with had a medical condition and you were en route to a hospital, your lawyer may use this defense in your case.
  • Duress: Your DUI lawyer may use this strategy if you drove out of fear of being harmed. For example, if you were at a party and someone attacked you, or if you were being chased by someone armed and dangerous, then an attorney can use this defense in your case saying that you drove due to reasonable fear of bodily harm. 
  • Entrapment: A drunk driving lawyer may use this defense if he found out that a law enforcement officer persuaded you to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs.

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