As you may have found out by this point, the penalties for getting arrested for a DUI in Virginia can lead to a driver’s license suspension. First time DUI offenders in Virginia face a one-year driver’s license revocation, and second time offenders face a 60-day suspension followed by a maximum of three years’ driver’s license revocation.

Just because your driver’s license may have been suspended for one to three years doesn’t mean that you can’t drive for that length of time. You need to contact an experienced Virginia DUI attorney to talk about your Virginia driver’s license suspension and steps that could be taken to reinstate your driver’s license and driving privileges.

Necessary Steps to Take in Getting Your Driver’s License Reinstated
Following a Virginia DUI conviction, there will be many requirements that you will have to perform including fines, court fees, completing a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action program and a driver improvement clinic. These steps are necessary to complete in order to get your driver’s license reinstated. The court will not automatically reinstate your driver’s license; rather, you will have to pay the reinstatement fee, complete a vision and medical exam from a licensed doctor providing necessary paperwork to the court, complete a SR-22 form showing you have obtained high-risk auto insurance, and obtain a court order allowing restricted driving privileges. Once all these steps are successfully completed, you may be entitled to reinstate your Virginia driver’s license.

Because the steps can be complicated and need to be completed in a timely manner and fulfilled accurately, having an experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer on your side can prove to be beneficial.

Once all these forms are submitted, classes taken, and fees paid, the court will determine if they will reinstate your driving privileges. Every situation is unique, and every judge is different and will review your case specifics. If you never had a prior DUI conviction and if you didn’t injure anyone while you were driving under the influence, the chances of your driver’s license being reinstated increase.

If you need to drive to work to make a living or need to transport children to school, the judge in your case may grant you restricted driving access. Your chances of getting your driver’s license reinstated increase with the assistance of an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer. A defense attorney can help get your charges lessened, minimize fees, make sure all the steps were taken and forms filed out correctly and represent you in court.

Get the Help You Need
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